Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Thanks to Patty aka Creative Diva I received the Stylish Blogger Award.

If you receive this Stylish Blogger award, you must now pass it on to 5 other "Stylish Bloggers" and tell us 5 more things about youself.

The following are 5 "Stylish Bloggers":
1) A Touch of Pink
2) Victoria's Junk
3) Paper & Prims
4) A Touch of Pink
5) 1amscrapper

 Please visit these talented ladies.

Now onto 5 more things about myself:
1. I love rollercoasters but don't go on them cause I get super sick.
2. I have a 1 year old brother.
3. Im scared of heights.
4. I dance around the house with my kids.
5. I use to be the biggest Backstreet Boys fan! LOL :)

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